How To Make Your Bedroom Cozy With Modern Carpets?

Modern Carpets

Your bedroom is like a sanctuary where you rest and recharge. That’s why the design of this space is paramount. It needs to be something that is not just beautiful and luxurious but also warm and comfortable. 

And to add a bit of soft coziness, what can be better than throwing in a carpet in your bedroom? So, if carpet flooring has gotten your interest, this guide is for you. We have rounded off some of the best ideas to make your bedroom the cozy space that it should be:

Add Texture With a Natural Carpet

What’s better than a natural fibre carpet flooring to add depth and interesting texture to your bedroom than a natural carpet? These carpets are made with fibres such as seagrass, jute, wool, or sisal and are often considered the perfect alternative to hardwood. What’s more, they are friendlier for the planet and sustainable. So, there’s no guilt attached to them.

Natural carpets have a naturally beautiful texture that also feels cozy and soft to the touch. Not to mention, they are extra durable and last longer.

Experiment With Patterns

Who said bedrooms need to be plain and boring? This is a space that symbolizes your unique style. And if you are someone who loves bold and big patterns, you can easily add carpets in similar styles. Patterned flooring is one of the most popular options these days in trending colours. 

We love carpets with mural designs and those with zig-zag patterns. If you want to integrate maximalism into your bedroom, consider getting an animal print carpet. Experiment with prints such as that of cheetah, zebra, or leopard. You can either get them as small area rugs or even wall-to-wall carpets. 

Tone Down With Neutrals

Since it is a place that you retire to at the end of the day, your bedroom must be a calming space. Neutral colours have the power to transform the ambience of any space. And nothing is better than subtle and neutral-coloured carpets. We recommend calming colours such as beige, sea green, grey, and even muted browns. 

To add more charm to your space, choose neutral carpet flooring with a bit of lustre. This helps them reflect colours and lend a fresh and tranquil look to your space. 

Add a Wool Carpet For Added Charm

There is nothing like a thick and cozy wool rug to add warmth and comfort to your bedroom. They transform rooms from cold and impersonal spaces into inviting spaces. A chunky wool rug brings that extra layer of texture also to your room. 

We recommend high pile carpet. This is nothing but a thick carpet that is extremely soft underfoot. In addition, they are also super durable and last for years when maintained properly. The best part about wool carpets is that they are made of natural fibres. So that means that they stay cool in summers and warm in winters and are better for the earth. They also add to your room’s acoustics and absorb noise to keep your space peaceful.

Add Plush Carpets For Extra Softness

Imagine stepping into a plush carpet in your bedroom and your stress melting away. A chunky thick velvet carpet does exactly that. They not just feel super luxurious on your feet but also add an elegant look to your room. 

When it comes to the colours of plush carpets, we recommend that you go with solid colours. Options such as teal, blue, and grey work the best for a bedroom space. These colours lend a calming vibe to your bedroom that instantly makes you relax. 
Before selecting a carpet for your bedroom, consider a few important things. Know if your bedroom has a specific style and a broad colour scheme. This helps in narrowing your choices. Also, keep in mind the maintenance that each carpet type would need. At Home Floors, you can browse the latest carpet designs. Ranked amongst the best carpet stores in Calgary, we also have experienced flooring specialists who can help you transform your space.

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