A gift, the token of love and affection, is also a reflection of your emotions

Gift Hampers

If you have a desire to send gifts to people you will find a way to do the same even in adverse situations. Some people derive happiness by sharing it with others. The pleasure which erupts in our hearts after sending a gift to someone is one of the best feelings in life. You can send cute gift hampers to your loved ones on special occasions and even on common days.

This online portal known as OyeGifts provides a special collection of gift hampers with will be delivered with the fastest mode of delivery. You will receive the gifts within a few hours after placing the order at the earliest or by the end of the day. This online portal provides the best online gift delivery service. You can use this to send gifts to people in any place in India. Let us explore some unique options which you can send:

Greeting card

this concept is not new to us. We used to send greetings to our teachers and classmates during school days. The concept of the greeting card is to send our best wishes through a poem or quote. You can gift a greeting card along with a bouquet to your friend. You do not need a special occasion to send the greeting which will reflect your love and emotion. In this gift combination, we have a printed greeting card along with a mixed bouquet made of roses. A bunch of roses of different colours are arranged in this bouquet.


people of our generation will not appreciate receiving fruits as a gift but some people are extremely health conscious. If you want to send gifts to those health-conscious Fit buddies then send them this gift combination. It contains a basket of fruits. The seasonal fruits include everything available in that particular season. In addition to this basket, a bouquet is prepared using freshly plucked Red and white roses. This bouquet is filled with green leaves put together with flowers inside a transparent sheet of packing tied by a red ribbon.

Money plant

you can send plants to people as a token of love. The plant is the most eco-friendly gift which not only enhances the ambience of the room but also serves as our best companion. They give us everything which is required for different dimensions of our life. A plant of money plant is covered with brown paper at its base and it is tied by a white ribbon. A box of Cadbury celebration chocolates is also present in this gift combination. Cadbury celebrations have different chocolates inside them.

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This soft toy

you can gift soft toys to everyone as they are the cutest decors. This gift includes a pink teddy bear which has a contrasting dark pink nose and feet. A small go in dark pink is attach to its neck. Along with it, a lucky bamboo plant is also sent. This plant is double-layer lucky bamboo which is planted inside a glass jar filled with water. This is the most popular gift combination that people choose to gift to their loved ones. You can also gift this to kids on their birthday.

The personalized mug

you can gift a special personalized coffee mug to your friends. This white coffee mug has a big space for the printing of the image. You can upload your favourite photograph at the time of placing the order. Along with this coffee mug, we have a pack of 5 dairy milk chocolates. This gift can also be used to give to your partner as a surprise. You do not need a special day to celebrate with your friends or partner. Cherish the moments by gifting them small cute gifts as a way to show your gratefulness towards them.

The watch

if you have to send a gift to your friend who has her birthday recently or in the coming days then this is the perfect gift for her. This is a watch from the well-renowned Titan. It contains a golden dial and the entire look of this watch is sleek and classy. The strap of this watch is a mixture of golden and silver polish chains. This graceful watch is the perfect gift material.

You will find different sections on this website for different occasions. You can select gifts according to the situation and recipient. Enjoy sending cute gift hampers to your loved ones.

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