Learn Noorani Qaida for Kids with Our Online Classes

Learn Noorani Qaida for Kids

You’ve probably heard of Learn Noorani Qaida online for kids, but do you know what it is? At the end of this short article, you’ll have an understanding of the importance of this part of Islamic instruction and why many of today’s schools are neglecting to teach it, despite its importance. In addition, you’ll learn about the ways we can help your child or children get the most out of their Noorani Qaida education, whether that means online classes or one-on-one tutoring.

What is Noorani Qaida?
Noorani qaida is the recitation of the Quran in a melodious voice. It was developed during the era of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, who had a melodious voice. Though it was earlier considered an elite art form, in recent years its popularity has grown and it is now accessible to all. The word Noorani means ‘of light’ or ‘from the light’. It refers to the sound of this style which has a mesmerizing effect on listeners.

What are its benefits?
Noorani qaida is a type of qaida that is said to be an easier and more accessible form of Quranic recitation. Many people find the rhythm of this style beautiful and natural sounding. We teach our students the tajweed rules in a video lesson format, which allows them to learn at their own pace. They can pause or replay any video as many times as they need to until they feel confident enough to recite correctly in front of others. This style also provides them with all the tools they need so that they can read the Quran for themselves, in their own time, without depending on any outside sources or tutors.

Who should learn it?
Learning the rules of Tajweed can be a challenging and overwhelming task, especially when you’re a student. But with our online classes, it doesn’t have to be! We provide interactive lessons that will teach your child how to read and recite the Quran while following all of the necessary Tajweed rules. You don’t need to worry about your child being away from home either, as we offer live classes so they can interact face-to-face in real time with their instructor.

How to study it?
At the time of recitation, you are to make your voice louder and slower than usual. You should also recite with a good quality. You should not move your lips during recitation. Your tongue should be in the position of Dal during recitation. At the time of memorizing, it is important that you understand what you are memorizing and its meanings. You can use flashcards or other memory aids to help you memorize things easier. The best way to learn something is by repetition-therefore, it is important that you try to repeat what you have learned from class as often as possible so that they can be more easily remembered and retained in your long term memory.

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