Best Way to Make an iOS App: 5 Steps to Success

Best Way to Make an iOS App 5 Steps to Success
Best Way to Make an iOS App 5 Steps to Success

Apple launched its iOS App Store in 2008, initially with 500 apps. Since then, people have been busy learning how to create iOS apps and bringing their app ideas to life. The App Store had 3.6 million apps available as of 2022. (plus another one million gaming apps). And, with a thousand new apps being added every day, app development does not appear to be slowing down.

Whether you have an app idea, want to start a career in iOS app development, or simply want to learn how to create an app. But, before we dive into the depths of the iOS app ocean, consider the advantages of working with an iOS App Development Company to create an app. this blog post will walk you through five simple steps that every beginner should know when learning how to create an iOS app:

Step 1: Get Xcode.

You’ll need the right tools before you can start working on an iOS app. Xcode is the app development tool that you will need. You can get it directly from the App Store and install it on your computer. After you’ve downloaded it, you’ll use it to create your user interface and write code to respond to user interaction. And the best part is that it’s completely free.

Step 2: Study Swift

Swift is the coding language required for creating iOS apps. You will be writing Swift into Xcode after downloading it. To help you understand what we mean, Code with Chris uses the following analogy: Swift is the English language, and Xcode is your pen and paper. Swift programming language will be written directly into Xcode.

After downloading Xcode and learning Swift, you’ll be able to create iOS apps not only for iPhones, but also for iPads, Apple Watch apps, Apple TV apps, and so on.

Getting Xcode and learning Swift isn’t as easy as it sounds. Perhaps it doesn’t sound that simple. In either case, you’ll need to learn how to use Xcode and LEARN a new language, Swift. Fortunately for you, there are numerous resources available to assist you in carrying out these tasks.

Step 3: Find Online Resources

You can find an endless amount of free, online resources that will walk you through the process of navigating Xcode and learning Swift, just like you can in most trades nowadays. Here are some advantages to learning how to build an app in this manner: It’s free, and you can work on your own schedule. This type of learning requires a high level of discipline. Putting what you learn on the internet into practice will also be critical to your success.

Depending on your learning style, this could be a negative experience. If you use online resources and work on your own timeline, it will take some time before you feel comfortable building your own apps.

Step 4: Locate a Mentor

Finding a mentor, or someone who knows Xcode and Swift and has time to teach you, will be one of the most effective ways to learn how to create an iOS app, in addition to using online resources. A mentor can show you how to properly install Xcode and share tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years. And, even after you begin developing your app, you can consult with your mentor to improve it.

Finding a mentor will require some effort. Here are some suggestions for how to locate one:

Connect with iOS developers in your area on LinkedIn, ask them about their work, and see if they’d be interested in teaching you how they do what they do.

Inquire with your family and friends to see if they know anyone involved in app development. Even if they don’t work specifically with Macs or iPhones, they may be able to point you in the direction of others who do. Get their phone number and call them.

Attend a coding Bootcamp. Bootcamps typically have mentors who will not only help you through the coding Bootcamp course but will also stay in touch with you after you’ve completed it.

Step 5: Register for Coding Bootcamp.

A 16-week coding Bootcamp completely immerses you in iOS app development and the iOS app network, which means connecting you with the right people who can teach you what you need to know. At Bootcamp, you will be instructed by experienced professionals and mentored by others who have completed the course. Bootcamp is effective, but it costs an average of $11,400 depending on where you go. Certification is another advantage of attending coding Bootcamp if you want to make a career out of developing iOS apps. This demonstrates to potential employers that you understand how to code an app (iOS certification looks nice on resumes).

Cost is not the only factor to consider.

What is the cost of developing an app? There isn’t really a price range. Large, enterprise-level businesses are not uncommonly in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on proprietary apps with dozens of features, and even smaller businesses can sometimes expect to invest upwards of $10,000 in developing a single app. Does this mean you’ll have to empty your savings to make your iOS-based app a reality?

No, not always. Really, it all depends on a number of factors, such as the additional tools you use, the features you intend to include, and how quickly you want to complete the app.

The truth is that if you can learn to code and have the time, creating your own iOS app does not have to be expensive.

Compatibility with various platforms

Is it possible to create an iOS app using the Windows operating system? No, is the short (and official) answer. The longer, more accurate answer is yes… you’ll just have to find a workaround. Because Xcode is only compatible with Mac operating systems, Windows is out of the question.

However, virtual machines can be used to run the Mac OS on a Windows computer. Just keep in mind that running macOS on non-Apple hardware is a violation of Apple’s End User License Agreement. Don’t do it (wink).

Final Thoughts

The quickest and most effective way to learn how to create an iOS app is to use online resources, find a mentor, and attend a coding Bootcamp. Getting started with any of these suggestions will undoubtedly put you on the right track to submitting your app to Apple’s App Store. Cubix is a top iPhone Application Development Company because of its high-quality mobile app development services if you intend to develop apps in a single codebase for multiple platforms.

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