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Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

We’ve all seen how amazing these works of art can be on websites like Instagram and Pinterest, so it’s simple to imagine how much effort, skill, and time must go into creating them. This makes it obvious why they cost what they do. However, what if you don’t have that kind of budget or would rather use the money for anything else? The following is a list of my top 10 tips for reducing the cost of your wedding cake.


It might be worthwhile to get to know them if you have a relative or close friend who is reasonably skilled at baking. You might be able to convince them to make your wedding cake as a “wedding gift,” depending on how lovely you are. If you can convince them, though, you’ll be able to save some cash. Be careful how you ask, and you might at first imply that you would pay for the ingredients in a subtle way. You can take cake delivery in Thane at your location.


Who is to say that’s the only option? It seems to be assumed that the wedding cake you serve should be enough to feed the majority of your guests. Why not provide both a bigger “cutting cake” that can be cut into sections and served as a group and a smaller “display cake” that can be eaten? No one will be able to tell that it is a different cake, but cutting cakes can be bought from places like Waitrose and M&S for a lot less money and are much more lavishly adorned.


Speaking of Marks & Spencers and Waitrose, they offer a variety of wedding cakes, from the most straightforward white frosted cakes in a range of sizes that you can buy pillars to stack them with to fully decorated cakes. Depending on your decision, you might undoubtedly find something that is within your price range. Moreover, you can take express cake delivery in Thane.


Certain bakeries might charge you for delivery to the location. Finding a bakery close to the event is advised, or you might consider gathering and setting it up yourself. The further they have to travel, the more likely it is that they will charge.


The more complex the cake, the more expensive it will be, so you might want to consider purchasing a smaller cake and decorating it yourself with fresh fruit or flowers. If you don’t feel very creative, you may always arrange for me to come set up the cake and decorate it for you. To cakes, I like to add a small flair.


You may have seen wedding cake presentations with a bottom layer heaped high with cupcakes and a single, small top tier set atop a cake stand. Cupcakes may get rather pricey if you’re hosting a big party with lots of attendees. Consider presenting miniature cakes instead, such as bakewell tarts or French fancies. I like the Bridal French Fancies that Mr. Kipling recently presented. What a sweet idea to arrange them on a tiered cake stand—and 


It’s understandable that some people worry the cake won’t be consumed if it’s placed on a table at the back of the room and everyone is too busy dancing. However, you’re correct that this can occasionally happen. Why not provide a cake that accomplishes both goals because you already serve dessert? Just be sure to plan the formal cake-cutting ceremony before the meal so the catering team has time to plate it for your guests. Thane offers same-day cake delivery.


You could always set up a dessert table with a variety of cakes, desserts, cookies, etc. for guests to help themselves to in keeping with the dessert theme. A symbolic “wedding cake” can always be included in the display with your wedding topper if you choose to adhere to tradition and have a cake cutting. If you plan to bring these in on your own, you must first check with the venue. You will typically just need to acknowledge a disclaimer form.


Instead of just having it for dessert, you could incorporate it into your evening meal. To increase the amount of food offered and allow you to order smaller portions, have it served simultaneously. It is entirely up to you whether you want a customary, sweet cake or something more out of the ordinary like a pork pie cake, cheesecake with crackers (this time I mean cheese cheese), or cheese cake with crackers.

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